Every August U-BRITE organizes a data science hackathon, which brings together biomedical researchers, bioinformaticians, scientists, software developers, and computer engineers from around the world. The hackathon offers two days of hacking with nearly 80 participants. Leading up to the hackathon, participants are offered training by world-renowned scientists in UAB’s Informatics Institute, CGDS, U-BRITE, and Research Computing. 

What Is U-BRITE?

U-BRITE (UAB Biomedical Research Information Technology Enhancement) assembles new and existing HIPAA-compliant, high-performance informatics tools to provide researchers with a means to better manage and analyze clinical and genomic data sets and implements a “translational research commons” to facilitate and enable interdisciplinary team science across geographical locations.

Learn more about U-BRITE at https://ubrite.org/

Organizing Committee
Name Role Department & Institution
Tarun Mamidi Chair CGDS, UAB
Shaurita Hutchins Co-chair CGDS, UAB
Dr. James Cimino Co-chair Informatics Institute, UAB
Dr. Thanh Nguyen Co-chair Informatics Institute, UAB
Amanda Carballo Logistics Chair Informatics Institute, UAB
Nafisa Sani Webmaster Informatics Institute, UAB
Ryan McCain Communications Chair Informatics Institute, UAB
Lisa Shrestha Communications Committee Member UAB
Ari Ginsparg Committee member UAB
Dana Indihar Committee Member UAB
Valeriya Kuznetsova Committee Member UAB
Emma Graffice Committee Member UAB
Santhosh Karthikeyan Committee Member UAB
Zhandos Sembay Datasets Manager UAB
Steering Committee
Name Role Department & Institution
Dr. Jake Chen Chair Informatics Institute, UAB
Dr. Zechen Chong Committee member Informatics Institute, UAB
Dr. Alex Rosenberg Committee member Informatics Institute, UAB
Dr. Liz Worthey Committee member CGDS, UAB
Dr. Amy Wang Committee member Informatics Institute, UAB
Dr. Blake Joyce Technical Chair & Special Advisor Research Computing, UAB
External Advisors
Name Role Department & Institution
Dr. Ben Busby Special Advisor DNAnexus
Dr. Allissa Dilman Special Advisor Biodata Sage